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We are Megan and Barry Immerfall. We met back in 2004 and since then we have enjoyed traveling whenever we could get a stretch of time off of work.  We enjoy traveling to “off-the-beaten-path” places, but we have no problem with visiting tourist sites either.  Mostly we enjoy exploring on foot, getting to know an area, trying different food, and seeing how people live their lives.  When we find ourselves in a restaurant with a menu in a language that is completely foreign to us, sometimes we will point to something and see what we get.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, but it’s always a new experience.

Since we don’t have any kids, I always thought we should take the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary.  After deciding to sell our house, downsize our lives, and quit our jobs, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do and where to go first.  We eventually decided to go on a self-supported bike tour across Europe for a whole bunch of reasons:  we both enjoy cycling, we wanted to spend more time outdoors and exercising, we wanted to travel more while spending less, and we wanted to do something where we could bring our dog Cisco (more on him below).  Now that we have our first bike tour under our belt, we definitely plan to do more and to also incorporate travel by other modes as well.

Although I am no professional writer, I decided to start this blog for friends and family that wished to follow along, and also for anyone out there interested in doing something similar.  If you fall into this last category, hopefully you will find some good information along the way.

Still here?  Not bored yet?  OK, well then this should do it...


I am the Chief Blogger and Photographer of this operation.  In addition to the blog and information about our travels, this website also hosts some of my photography from the last 10 years.  I really enjoy wildlife, night and landscape photography, and I would like to spend more time trying some different techniques and also experimenting with video as well.

In addition to photography, I also enjoy reading (biographies, memoires, WWII history, historical fiction to name a few), gardening (although I don’t see much of that in my near future) and cycling (good thing, huh?).  I speak passable Spanish which I picked up in high school during a 6-month foreign exchange program in Argentina.  Back in the day, I was the only person in my family that spoke Spanish.  But now I consider myself lucky to have extended family ties in Peru, Bolivia and Chile and as a result, much of my extended family speaks at least passable, if not fluent, Spanish.  Someday it would be great to spend some time somewhere that I can make my passable Spanish a little more passable.


My husband, Barry, is our Chief Financial Planner and Dog-Puller.  He is originally from small-town Wisconsin and as a kid, his family took summer road trips across the US and Canada, frequently visiting the western US.  When he went to work for Whirlpool after college, he checked the “willing to relocate” box on his application, and indicated he would move anywhere, except Asia.  So, they asked him to move to Singapore.  He ended up living and working there for 3 years and absolutely loved it despite his initial reluctance.

While living in Singapore, and afterwards when he took a year off between jobs, Barry traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  It was also in Singapore where Barry first picked up cycling, which he has enjoyed ever since.  Eventually, Barry re-located to Colorado where he had the most awesome and fortunate experience of meeting… ME.


Cisco is a very handsome Labrador-mix dog.  His favorite things are (in no particular order) belly rubs, bunnies, belly rubs, squirrels, belly rubs, walks and treats.  Oh, and belly rubs. 

We picked up Cisco from the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter in 2007.  He was around a year old at the time and was a stray.  Boy was he dirty!  On the day we found him, I had made a list of shelters to visit, and he was the very first dog we saw at the very first shelter.  During our “visit” with him, he jumped up on the seat next to me and gave me a big kiss.  Well, that sealed the deal right there.  

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to shoot me an email at megan@immerfall.com and thanks for visiting!